As temperatures begin to drop and the cough and cold season falls upon us, the TUC is reminding working parents about their rights to take time off work to look after their children when they are sick.
Illness accounted for two-thirds (64.2%) of the 19.8 million days missed by school age children in the Autumn term last year, but many parents are unsure how to balance their working commitments with looking after their children when they are ill, says the TUC.
The TUC has issued a reminder of what your rights are as a working parent:

Bank Holidays that fall on weekends not moving to
Monday is ASDA policy not agreement with GMB.
Tesco, Asda and Morrisons were the worst performing food retailers in Britain in the last three months, despite committing hundreds of millions of pounds to price cuts.

Tesco sales fell by 1% year-on-year in the 12 weeks to 13 September, while Morrisons dropped 1.4% and Asda slumped by 2.9%. Sainsbury’s was the only one of the so-called big four supermarkets to increase sales during the period, according to the latest market share figures from Kantar.

A key director at Asda has stunned fellow executives by leaving the business just hours after a major reshuffle.

Karl Martin was named in an announcement ten days ago as one of three directors who would run the re-organised food business.
Haley Tatum at the GMB Congress held at Dublin announced “The Refreshed
Agreement”. She stated that the success of this agreement will require all levels
within ASDA, working in the spirit of a genuine partnership. Supporting and
accepting responsibility for the success of the agreement.

Mutual respect, sharing information and trust is fundamental for all individuals in an effective working relationship.