Under plans unveiled in the Queen Speech, the Government said it would legislate to force all trade union members to actively consent to their subscriptions being used for political purposes.
The move, if passed, is widely expected to result in a sharp fall in union donations to Labour which, over the past five years, have contributed more than £50m to the party. This represents around half of Labour’s income.

FACT: Zero hours workers are entitled to annual leave

Any worker or employee starts to accrue their annual leave from the moment they begin working. This includes anyone working on a 'zero hours' contract.
If the 'zero hours' contract means that employment is continuous (see Zero hours
), then a worker should arrange when they take the annual leave with their employer.
If the zero hours contract means that the employment will be broken on occasion (see Zero hours contracts), then a worker should receive a payment for any accrued but
untaken annual leave.

Asda has revealed its worst sales figures since the 1990s, confirming that it is now the poorest performing of the “big four” supermarkets.

However, it is understood that the last time Asda performed so badly was back in the days ahead of its 1990s turnaround under Archie Norman and Allan Leighton.
With over 5.24 million people in the UK, 22% of all employees, earning less than the Living Wage, the Treasury is forced to step in and top-up incomes with in-work benefits, such as working tax credits, so that workers can afford a basic standard of living despite being in employment.

The research shows that in the case of some of the UK’s largest retailers, businesses are benefiting more from the Treasury in wage top-ups than they are paying in tax.

Additional paternity leave
On 5 April 2015, the right of fathers to take additional paternity leave is abolished (as it is replaced by shared parental leave). Employers who have not already done so should update policies and handbooks to remove references to additional paternity leave.